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CURT publications vary in purpose and detail. View an illustration of the hierarchy of CURT publications for more explanation. Complete definitions are provided by category below. These publications are available for download by members only. Non-members may order printed reports.

curt voice

The CURT Voice is the official magazine of the Construction Users Roundtable. Prior issues are available for review and download.
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white papers

A CURT white paper establishes recommended member policy by taking a position on often controversial, industry issues, such as Reverse Auctions or Workforce Development.

  • WP 401 Confronting the Skilled Workforce Shortage Training Available
  • WP 410 CURT-CWDC Joint Workforce Initiative
  • WP 1003 Construction Strategy: Optimizing the Construction Process Training Available
  • WP 1004A Construction Strategy: CURT's Path Toward LEAN Project DeliveryTraining Available
  • WP 1201 Guidelines on the Use of Reverse Auction Technology
  • WP 1202 Collaboration, Integrated Information and the Project Life Cycle in Building Design, Construction and Operation Training Available


A CURT report summarizes findings from task force or committee research projects, surveys, benchmarking projects, etc. The report may recommend general approaches for addressing specific industry concerns, such as absenteeism or use of overtime.

  • R 402 CURT Tripartite Initiative Executive Summary
  • R 402A CURT Tripartite Study on Extended overtime on Construction Projects
  • R 402B Reducing Absenteeism Report
  • R-402C Tripartite Initiative Report:  Eliminating Work Disruptions and Jurisdictional Disputes
  • R 405 CURT Tripartite Initiative Report: Project Stakeholder Responsibilities
  • R 411, Building Comprehensive Labor Market Information
  • R 807 CURT Owner Safety Blueprint

user practices

CURT user practices summarize CURT members’ detailed and specific techniques for managing construction owner responsibilities and work processes, such as Quality.

  • UP 101 Construction Measures:  Key Performance Indicators Training Available
  • UP 201 Construction Project Controls: Cost, Schedule, and Change Management Training Available
  • UP 403 Construction Labor: Managing the Construction Workforce Training Available
  • UP 408 Construction Workforce: Improving Productivity on Union Projects Training Available
  • UP 601 Construction Purchasing: Capital Purchasing & Contracting
  • UP 701 Construction Quality: Achieving Quality on Capital Projects and Craft Worker Prequalification Training Available
  • UP 801 Construction Safety: Contractor and Craft Worker Prequalification
  • UP 802 Construction Safety: The Owner’s Role
  • UP 803 Construction Safety: Pre-Bid and Bid Clarification Meetings
  • UP 804 Construction Safety: Contract Terms and Conditions
  • UP 805 Construction Safety: Monitoring Performance
  • UP 806 Construction Safety: Improving Safety Programs Training Available
  • UP 1001 Construction Strategy: Selecting Contracting Strategies Training Available
  • UP 1002 Construction Strategy: Selecting the Right Contractor Training Available
  • UP 1203 BIM Implementation: An Owner’s Guide to Getting Started (new)


CURT tools are job aids which directly support a recommended CURT work process, enabling added efficiency and effectiveness. CURT Tools will be published as stand-alone documents but will typically be referenced and linked from other CURT publications.

  • T 404 Construction Labor: Craft Employee Training Evaluation Tool
  • T 808 Construction Safety: Owner Safety Blueprint Assessment Tool

training modules

CURT training modules provide materials for deployment of CURT recommendations to the construction industry.

  • TM 809 Construction Owners' Safety Blueprint Training Module

survey summaries

CURT survey summaries document analysis of response to CURT initiated surveys.

  • SS 406 CURT Tripartite Initiative: Workplace Attitudes Survey, Summary of Results
  • SS 407 CURT Owner Survey: Impact of Gulf Coast Hurricanes on Owner Projects, Summary of Results

publication archives

The Construction Users Roundtable is pleased to provide electronic versions of The Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness (CICE) reports & white papers. The CICE reports & white papers are available to you at no cost by clicking on the title you are interested in below.

A-1   Construction Productivity Measurement

A-2   Construction Labor Motivation

A-3   Improving Construction Safety Performance

A-4   First & Second Line Supervisory Training

A-5   Project Management Education & Academic Relations

A-6   Application of Modern Management Systems

A-7   Contractual Arrangements

B-1   Integrating Construction Resources & Tech. Into the Engr. Process

B-3   Construction Technology Needs & Priorities

C-1   Exclusive Jurisdiction in Construction

C-2   Scheduled Overtime Effect on Construction Projects

C-3   Contractor Supervision in Unionized Construction

C-4   Constraints Imposed by Collective Bargaining Agreements

C-5   Local Labor Practices

C-6   Absenteeism & Turnover

C-7   Impact of Local Union Politics

D-1   Use of Journeymen in the Union Sector

D-2   Government Limitations On Training Innovations

D-3   Utilization of Vocational Education in Construction Training

D-4   Training Problems in Open Shop Construction

D-5  Labor Supply Information

E-1   Administration & Enforcement Of Building Codes & Regulations

1609   CICE-The Next 5 Years & Beyond

1610   Safety Process 1988 - Air Products & Chemicals

1611   Safety Process 1989 - Monsanto Company

1612   Safety Process 1989 - Gulf States Company

1613   Safety Process 19909 - Shell Oil Company

1614   Subjects of Bargaining

1615   Coming to Grips (Volume 1) (9.9 Mb)

1617   Coming to Grips (Volume 2) (9.7 Mb)

1618   More Construction For The Money

1619   Local User Council Handbook (red triangles)

1620   Workers Compensation Crisis — Safety Excellence Can Make a Difference

1621   The Business Stake in Effective Project Systems

1624   Guide For Global Project Delivery

1655   A Message to Owners Who Pay for Major Construction

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